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Voted “Best Kid’s Book on iBookstore” by the illustrator’s wife.


We’ve discovered that little ones love it when other little ones read to them. So we’ve included a “read-along” option in this children’s book ePub.
Jackson, Mr. Book’s talented, home-made voice over talent, has generously lent his narration skills to Even Poop has a Purpose. And not to be outdone, Mr. Book recruited his other son, Owen, to add some color commentary – listen for his input at the turn of every page.
So remember when you say “goodbye”, and tell that turd to go. “Even Poop has a Purpose”, and now my friend you know.


If you like rhyming prose, whimsical pictures and colorful characters, this picture book for kid’s will surely put a smile on your face and help your kid(s) have a better understanding of doody.
The first children’s book in The Even Series is dedicated to helping your little ones overcome their fears and misunderstandings. Little Skippy didn’t like pooping, and his fears about the potty got the best of him. So with the help of a friend, he explored the loo, learned about poo, and the reasons we do what we do.